If I find a map, see a picture of another country or someone mentions a place, a city or a country, I always have terribly wanderlust. Then I read any books about other countries, explore boring land types, plan trips that I could make, counting from the distance, create lists of things I want to do someday, seeking other travel blogs etc ... And I want to pack my things, rise over the next train and disappear forever. Then I would go as a nomad by the whole world and do things of which I only can dream now. But unfortunately I can not do this and I must continue to stare at maps in my room.


Hi-Γεια σας-Ciao 你好 -Bok

Welcome to my new blog!
My name is Alyssa. My international nickname is Aly.
I live in Austria, I'm 16 years old and still a student. In my spare time I try to travel as much as possible. When I finished my education I want to travel around the world.

In this blog I write about my experiences and my goals, give tips for traveling, try to motivate you for traveling and so on...
I hope you like it ;) 

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